3D Laser Scanners: Incredible Accuracy, Amazing Data Quality

Hemispherical 3D Scanners Surphaser®:
50HS, 100HSX and 105HSX

  • High scanning speed combined with high accuracy and scan data quality
  • 3D scanning technology for ranges from 1 m up to 130 m
  • Ultra-low noise – sub-millimeter accuracy for all models
  • Easy to move and set up
  • Light and portable – fits in a carry-on case approved for cabin luggage for most domestic airlines
  • Robust, dust- and splash-resistant design allows Surphaser to operate in industrial and outdoor environments
  • Export of clean and accurate datasets into many 3rd party point cloud processing applications (Polyworks, RealWorks Survey, Leica Cyclone, Geomagic, etc.)
  • Automatic target extraction and target-based scan registration
  • Optional built-in PC and snap-on battery allow operation without a laptop and main power
  • Optional camera system with 60 megapixel equivalent color image
  • Automatic color image mapping to point cloud
Learn more about 50HS Learn more about 100HSX Learn more about 105HSX
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Surphaser Bundled Software

  1. Surphaser 3D laser scanner operation control
  2. Automatic target extraction and target-based scan registration
  3. Scanner hardware self diagnostics and self calibration
  4. Real time raw data acquisition and compression
  5. Real time data analysis for scan quality control
  6. Rapid Preview Scan and on-screen areas of interest selection for high density scans
  7. Processing of the raw 3D scan data featuring:
    • Generation of point cloud or interpolated surface (mesh)
    • Extensive set of filters to isolate area of interest and eliminate
      unreliable data
    • Data export in standard industry formats
    • Automatic manual color image mapping to point cloud

Surphaser Express Package also includes:

ProcessC3D – a command line utility that allows unsupervised processing of multiple scans, using the settings exported from Interactive SurphExpress session

SurphView – Standalone application for viewing scan data in multiple formats, supports visualization of very large datasets.


Surphaser 3D Laser Scanners for Reverse Engineering, Dimensional Control, Historical Preservation, Architecture, and Forensics


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