3D Laser Scanners: Incredible Accuracy, Amazing Data Quality

SurphSLAM - high precision mobile mapping solution

  • Mobile scanning for the real world - continuous realtime registration and rendering for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Based on Surphaser 10 scanner and GeoSLAM RealTime Software
  • Scan and register at the speed of up to 1 m/s with local accuracy better than 1 cm
  • Works anywhere - seamlessly transition between indoors and outdoors, on uneven and sloping terrain
  • Realtime feedback - see the map being built as you walk, see your path and plan where you need to go
  • Instant results - review and download the fully registered point cloud after every scan

Download Brochure & Spec Sheet for SurphSLAM system




Surphaser 3D Laser Scanners for Reverse Engineering, Dimensional Control, Historical Preservation, Architecture, and Forensics


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