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Basis Software Introduces Class 1 Longer Range Scanner to Replace Surphaser ER_100HSX

Houston, TX (March 30, 2015) Basis Software, Inc., is pleased to introduce the Surphaser Model 105HSX, the latest addition to the Surphaser line of 3D laser scanners.

The Surphaser Model 105HSX is an expansion of the 100HSX product line that introduces several new features and a Safety Class 1 laser to the Surphaser line. The 105HSX has an improved maximum range of 130 m (426 ft) while substantially lowering the range noise to half that of the ER_100HSX. In fact, the range noise of the 105HSX is achieving values of 0.05 mm (0.002 in) or better at distances under 10 m (32 ft).

Additionally, the 105HSX offers Surphaser’s first fully software integrated camera for automatic point cloud texture mapping of captured RGB data. This camera system allows for dynamic exposure adjustment while producing a 60 MP equivalent image to produce photorealistic point clouds.

With on-board computer accessible through WiFi , portable enough to be transported in a carry-on sized case and the option of AC or battery power the Surphaser 105HSX is ready for a wide range of applications.

About Basis Software, Inc.

Basis Software, Inc. markets its own line of Surphaser 3D laser scanning systems and supplies OEM products for laser scanner manufacturers worldwide including their SurphExpress software platform for scanner control, data analysis and point cloud exportation. Known for its unsurpassed accuracy and scan quality, the Surphaser line offers both short range and medium range models ideal for use in reverse engineering, dimensional control, historical preservation, architecture, and forensics. Surphaser products are deployed worldwide delivering unparalleled precision and value in 3D scanning.

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